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Watch okaaaay huns who want to sculpt your whooole damn upper body stay with me - do this when you wanna get your next upper body burn to hit aaalll the places ?1️⃣ seated rows x10-122️⃣ lateral raises w plate x12-153️⃣ decline push ups xAMRAP(4️⃣ this is a tricep decline push up variation if u really have a death wish but like ok u do u)? repeat circuit x4, resting for 45s between each round? warm down with x3 sets of tears and screaming @ my instagram* excauuuuse the sloppy form towards the end this was my last set and I was really questioning my desire to look ever step foot in a gym againUR WELCOME~(top lazy workout tip is to make a few lil workouts collections by body part on ig and save any good workouts you scroll across so you don’t have to do any workout planning and have no excuses when you don’t know what to do ??)#GFG #UpperBodyWorkout? @gains4girls @uhnonee? see my story for the full body workout from today and also how to look like u got a quick boob job lolstep 2 ;build ya self some banging abs ?this is a fiyah circuit which you can do at home or the gym to get that core buuuurning ✨✖️perform each exercise for 45s, then move straight onto the next? repeat the circuit x4, resting for 1m between eachlet’s goooo no equipment no excuuuuses come onstep3:eyyyy its a deceptively hard full body exercise ball circuit ??save for later if ya not up for playing with balls @ 10pm ?I always thought these were just for bouncing around in PE class when the teacher wasn’t looking to avoid exercise BUT turns out they can give ya a pretty intense bodyweight burn ?perform each exercise for 45s before moving straight onto the next ✨? repeat the circuit x5 for a healthy death