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Watch Download/Stream it from the links below iTunes - Spotify - Bandcamp - SoundCloud - Shot and Edited by Que Film Collective - - Music Video by Trill for the single HeheXX from the album The Crown Cant Judge me, shot and edited by Que Film Collective - Lyrics Intro: You can call me, on the prince phone, You can call me Chorus: If she dont call you daddy, she gone call me, She want a real one, I aint sorry, (HEHE) She want a Trill one, I aint sorry, (XX) Verse 1: When it comes to people, girlfriend you my favourite, All I want is honesty, in every conversation, This friendship is so good, lets not complicate it, Then I took her panties off, f her and I ate it, I just f a girl and said I love only you as a friend, The last time I went through it, she wasnt the same again, My best friend cheated on me, who the can I trust in the end, Im an over thinker, maybe I shouldnt look into, Still not over my ex, and she knows it, ION know what kinda tune, she composing, Is she repressing her intentions and emotions, Or she truly hoeing around and living in the moment Bridge: You can call me, on the iphone, On the Samsung galaxy Verse 2: All my gfs are perfect 10s, they so pretty, All your girls are just nervous wrecks, they so petty, Wearing white chunky plastic shoes, that aint trendy, Trilly why you always gotta be f so picky, She aint a size 6, Baby girl yea she ripe thicc, Girl dont get me too excited, Cause I might end up indicted, For you, girl I can make an exception, Every time we get together, ocean breeze it aint stressful, Young successful and you dress well, and you sexual, girl you special, If you wanna make Tuesday your favourite day, then imma let you Bridge: You can call me, for that hehe, For that XX

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