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Watch You must watch this video before your first time with this fight. The fight is very complicated and the mechanics will kill you! SUBSCRIBE if you want to WATCH MORE! ► •••• Rules •••• SHARE this video with 2 friends if you LOVED this. Smash that LIKE button if you think this is OK. Smash that DISLIKE button if you HATED this. Write a mean COMMENT if this WASTED your time. •••• Skip ahead to Good Parts •••• 0:01 Phase 1 - 2 Heads 3:40 Phase 2 - 3 Heads 4:18 What to do when Fear is cast 8:55 Phase 2.5 - 1 Head left 9:33 Phase 3 - Fly 10:32 Cut Scene 10:53 Loot •••• Story of the Video •••• This is a very complex fight. Its recommended to be in a voice server with the rest of your group. This is a fight with 3 Phases. In Phase 1, only Fiery Typhon and Vile Typhon are up. They should be killed together. If you get a debuff from the boss, walk over the fire circle to remove it. In Phase 2, all 3 heads of Typhon are up. Again apply the same tactics as Phase 1 but also dont forget to hug the Jotun when Fear is casted. After you kill Fiery and Vile heads, everyone -including the healers- should focus DPS on Typhon. When you kill Typhon, fly up immediately or you will die. In Phase 3, make sure that you have flight potion -just in case- and dont die during this fight as you wont be able to fly back up again if you get resurrected. After you kill the boss, watch the cut-scene and enjoy the rewards and dont forget to pay for the Soul Sickness afterwards. •••• Follow me •••• FACEBOOK ► INSTAGRAM ► TWITTER ► •••• Subscribe to all my channels •••• Episode Expert (TV Shows and Movies) Info Infolds (Tech stuff) Qahlel Gaming (Gaming! duh..) The Damien Kent (VLog and Personal) •••• My Gaming Profiles •••• Battlelog ► FFXIV ► Overwatch ► Steam ► •••• Support this Channel •••• PATREON ► (not yet) T-SHIRTS ► (not yet) •••• Game Specific Playlists •••• AION ► Battlefield 4 ► SWTOR ► FFXIV AAR ► MMO Tanking (Parody) ► Overwatch ► Wildstar ► •••• Genre Playlists •••• Funny Stuff ► (not yet) Gameplays ► (not yet) Guides and How to ► (not yet) Reviews ► (not yet) •••• Tags •••• #Qahlel #AION #MMO #HowTo #PVE #COE #Typhon #Boss #BossFight #Guide #VideoGames #Game #Gaming #PCGaming #PCMR •••• Credits and Notes •••• Mischief Maker Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License these are not the droids youre looking for... Thanks for watching. I love you all! Qahlel

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