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Watch The sunset falls on Uma Kotilingeswara Swamy in Koti linga ghat, Uma Koti Lingeswaraswamy temple. This is one of the ancient temples in Rajamandry. In every Monday in this temple, Lot of people are coming to darshan. Every evening, in the sunset time sunset lighting falls on Lord Shiva in Uma Koti Lingeswaraswamy temple. It is really a miracle. In that time lot of people came to the temple forsee this miracle. This Shiva temple is near the bank of Godavari river. The location called Koti Linga Ghat. It is one of the famous ghats in Rajamandry. It is one of the big temples in Rajahmundry temples. In south India temples, this is the famous temple in the bank of Godavari temples. So many people come to Shiva temple in Rajahmundry. It is the east Godavari famous temple. In Rajahmundry temples, this is the very largest temple.

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