Click to Watch in HD > Victorian Brickwork by Big Big Train live in London

Watch Live recording of Big Big Train at Kings Place, London, August 2015 performing Victorian Brickwork from The Underfall Yard album. Sound by Rob Aubrey. Lights and projections by Zabine Reichhuber. Cameras by Steve French, Peter Callow and Emily Yarrow. Directed by Peter Callow. Dedicated to Robert Hichens.Monitoring engineer: Dan Pye. Technicians: Niall Hayden and Anthony Haikney.Nick DVirgilio: drums, vocals; Dave Gregory: guitars; Rachel Hall: violin, vocals; David Longdon: vocals; Danny Manners: keyboards, vocals; Andy Poole: keyboards, vocals; Rikard Sjoblom: guitars, keyboards, vocals; Greg Spawton; bass, bass pedals; Dave Desmond: trombone; Ben Godfrey: cornet, trumpet; Mike Poyser: tuba; Nick Stones: French horn; John Storey: euphonium.