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Watch Drei Zinnen - Dolomites in Winter 4KWeb: http://www.thomasvitali.comBlog: the Drei Zinnenmeant to me without any doubtto go there in winter only.The Dolomitesalso called as the Pale Mountains are the most beautiful and archaic overburden I have ever seen.Drei Zinnen,you are THE ONE for me,and I had to be as close as possible to you.Special thanks to my friend MARTIN NIEDERKOFLER.He is a true friend, team-worker and inspiration.Mountains as they appear in video:Valparola PassSass de Stria and Col de LanaCadinin Mountain ChainBuchensteiner TalDrei Zinnen (West View)Overview East and South DolomitesDrei Zinnen (Close Up)Drei Zinnen (South View / Motor Ski View)Drei Zinnen (Close Up North Face)Drei Zinnen (South View)Passo Tre CrociSextner DolomitesConturinesCristallo Massive (South View)➤ GET my FREE eBook: Essential Video Gear List:➤ Follow Me:Facebook:➤ Licensing:For any licensing check my companys library at VITALI FILMS: