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Watch a killer song!If you could see my mind, if you really look deep, then maybe youll findThat somewhere there will be a place, hidden behind my comedian faceYou will find somewhere theres a house, and inside that house theres a roomLocked in the room in the corner you seeA voice is waiting for me, to set it free, I got the key, I got the keyVoices, I hear voicesIn my head the voice is waiting, waiting for me to set it freeI locked it inside my imagination, but Im the one whos got the combinationSome people didnt like what the voice did saySo I took the voice and I locked it away, I got the key, I got the keyVoices, I hear voices, voices, I hear voicesChorus:Dont look back, look straight ahead, dont turn away, then the voice it saidDont look back, yesterdays gone, dont turn away, you can take it on(Solo)Voices, I hear voices, voices, I hear voices(chorus repeats 3x)Voices, voices, voices, voices - dont look backVoices, voices(chorus repeats 2x)...

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