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Watch Source: fall for South Carolina dentist in viral ‘In My Fillings dance videoGREENVILLE, S.C. -A dentist in Greenville, South Carolina, is inspiring millions to get their teeth cleaned after taking on the Drake-inspired “In My Feelings” dance challenge.Dr. Rich Constantine’s version of the “shiggy” -- a dance inspired by the rapper -- has over 24 million views on Facebook.Over 100,000 people have commented on the video since it was posted Thursday.“I have 12 wisdom teeth that need to be pulled, and I think my baby teeth trying to come back, and I swear my k 9s have become L 2s ( whatever that might mean) I just need an appt immediately, yesterday, right now!” one user said.“I just ordered a pound of gummy bears and washing it down with fruit punch,” another woman commented. “Cavity Watch 2018!! I never wanted one so bad!”“I found myself looking for his wedding ring, then I remembered that I’m married,” another said.