Click to Watch in HD > What if Choto Bhai and Boro Bhai Acted Opposite for a Day? w/ Shariful | Naf Bro | Nafees Salim

Watch Imagine if your Chhoto Bhai starts acting like your Boro Bhai and vice versa. If you guys liked the video, please leave a like and share the video with your friends and family. Your support means a lot to me. Special thanks to Hayat Mahmud Rahat and his entire Hotodoridro team for their enormous support. Let us know in the comment section below which part you liked the best. And leave us feedback. Trust me, I read each and every comment. Business Inquiry: [email protected] Follow me or stalk me or whatever the hell you wanna do with me on social medias - Facebook pprofile: (see how I fail at life) Facebook public rofile: (You can add me here. Just send me a message. I will add you and then we will be like best friends forever) Facebook page: (catch all the updates ) Instagram: @nafbro (you see me smile on every single photo. Also, I upload short videos over there once in a while. Send me a DM and lets chat) SnaChat: @nafbro (the real me. the real shit) Twitter: @nafbro (I still dont know how it works. But sometimes I pay a visit to say hello to my twitter friends. You can follow me there and hit me u as well)

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