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Watch Topic: What is CSS?CSS journey with Ayesha Muhammad Episode 1 Synopsis: A game of nerves Brain game Time management 360 degree approach Well equipped with relevant knowledge Creativity To the point answer Analysis and argument power Ability to link past and present Optimistic approach -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Watch your concern lecture from categorically arranged playlists. links given below Islamic Studies: Studies (Pak Affairs) and Indo-Pak History: Affairs and IR:, General Science and Ability: arithmetic and GSA: Grammar (Precis and Composition): Viedos: online Lecture Series:GCAol is a pioneer Team that has introduced a series of lectures through its Facebook page and YouTube channel. These lectures can help the students in comprehensive preparation of competitive exams.We are sure this will go a long way in helping those students, specially girls, who cannot afford to come to big cities for preparation.Join us for CSS, PMS, PCS, PPSC, FPSC, NTS, and all other competitive exams Preparation.Subscribe to our Youtube Channel: us on FB Page: Study material visit our web: