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Watch We all say that God is one and then no one has the answer of who is he..If we really want to find out who is that One Supreme God then, first need to understand Tatv Gyan.Tatv Gyan is the core knowledge of all religious scriptures. Tatvgyan gives us the complete description of the natures creation from the very beginning. No Big Bang Theory or any human description has been able to satisfy human on his creation till now.But Tatv Gyan has answers of all our questions on how we started to live on Earth? How nature will come to end? Who is ruling us?Why we take birth and die?If you also want answers to all these questions do watch the complete video of Sant Rampal ji Maharajs discourse because he is the only one on this Earth who has core knowledge about God, why we have been separated on the name of religion and how we all will reunite for God. Watch the complete our past live stream of Saint Rampal Ji satsang and list=PL6qgy0Dc_PcnDCX14V8JCXdPtXsF6_ny_Connect With Us On Social MediaFacebook : : : : :