Click to Watch in HD > What Is Ura Zelda and Why Was It Cancelled? - The Truth About Ocarina of Times Sequel

Watch Episode 9: What cancelled Ocarina of Time expansion Ura Zelda was, was not, and why it was never released.Sources:Miyamoto interview regarding Ura Zelda, Spaceworld 1999: and Aonuma Interview, IGN 2002: on the Hyrule running man: from Talent Studio imported into Ura Zelda: NPCs:, we are still working on it quote:, Ura Zelda completed for some time now quote: was used from Zeth64s Ura project, 3rd Quest, and Project Beta: Triforce mods, as well as ZorZeldas Ocarina of Time walkthrough: from Forrest Gump film, and Alex Jones Infowars channel (which is now banned from Youtube)