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Watch Is it true that you are searching for tips on what to do in Victoria, BC, Canada? As a component of our city guides arrangement, we talked with Gillian who lived in Victoria, BC for a long time. Gillian imparts to us her insider travel tips and learning on what to do in Victoria for those searching for the best places to see, eat, stay, drink, and investigate. Why visit Victoria BC? A Little Piece of England? For the recently marry and about dead? No! I abhor those monikers. Victoria is a city with bunches of niches and crevices to investigate past the conspicuous vacationer traps. Its an incredible little bit of the Pacific Northwest; more laid back than Vancouver and Seattle (I know, its that conceivable?!) yet with less rain. Sufficiently enormous to have some extraordinary bars and eateries but then sufficiently little to effectively stroll around the downtown center. It is genuinely excellent and, encompassed by water on three sides, is the ideal place to dunk your toe into the Pacific Ocean.