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Watch Hi everybody!How are you?Today I will show youWorlds Largest Wood Make Building - W350.The wooden building is not anything but old. Earlier, various buildings were constructed in various places around the world. But the worlds tallest wooden building is going to be ready for the first time in Tokyo, Japan, after adjusting to the previous overall building. So please see this video.A Japanese Timber Company will build this building. The height of the building is 350 meters, on the occasion of 350th anniversary of the company.On behalf of Japans top timber company Sumitow Forestry, it was reported that the organizations 350th founding anniversary in 2041. The tallest building in the world is being built on the occasion. This building is going to be Japans tallest building.The building will be named W 350 Steel used to construct 10 percent of the 70 floor building. Japanese wood of 1 million 80 thousand cubic meters will be used in the rest.There are about 8,000 rooms in the building. The balcony on the floor will be arranged in the park.Currently the largest wooden building in the world is a Canadian hostel. The building on the 18th floor is going to be four times higher than the W 350.The proposed cost of construction of W 350 has been estimated to be 600 billion yen, which is about 46 billion tk.However, manufacturers said that due to technological development by 2041, the cost of construction of this building is likely to be slightly reduced.It is known that the wooden building will be auspicious and environmentally friendly. Concrete and steel buildings responsible for 13 percent of the worlds total carbon emissions. Besides, wood prevents carbon emissions in nature.But the fire is a big threat to the wooden building. The makers have taken special measures to make W 350 fire resistant. Apart from building general buildings, construction of wooden buildings costs twice as much.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------This Channel Others Video- Most Dangerous Black Magic Book - Of True Giant Human - Most Mysterious Places In The World - Strange Trees - Poorest President - With Us!G+ : : : you for stay with this channel and if you like this channels video so please dont forget LIKE, COMMENT And SHARE. SUBSCRIBE now and click the Bell icon for email notifications for new videos.SUBSCRIBE NOW - see you later after next video.....

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