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Watch Wu-Tang Clans official music video for C.R.E.A.M.. Click to listen to Wu-Tang Clan on Spotify: featured on The Essential. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: Play: from Wu-Tang ClanMethod Man: Mystery Of Chessboxin: Pit: great Classic R and B videos here: Wu-Tang ClanWebsite: to Wu-Tang Clan on YouTube: Rules Everything Around MeC.R.E.A.M. get...)Yeah, check this ol fly s**t outWord up(Cash Rules Everything Around Me) Take you on a natural joint(C.R.E.A.M. get the money) Here we here we go(dolla dolla bill yall) Check this s**t, yo!I grew up on the crime side, the New York Times sideStaying alive was no jiveHad second hands, moms bounced on old manSo then we moved to Shaolin landA young youth, yo rockin the gold tooth, Lo gooseOnly way, I begin to G off was drug lootAnd lets start it like this son, rollin with this oneAnd that one, pullin out gats for funBut it was just a dream for the teen, who was a fiendStarted smokin woolies at sixteenAnd running up in gates, and doing hits for high stakesMaking my way on fire escapesNo question I would speed, for cracks and weedThe combination made my eyes bleedNo question I would flow off, and try to get the dough offSticking up white boys in ball courtsMy life got no better, same damn Lo sweaterTimes is rough and tough like leatherFigured out I went the wrong routeSo I got with a sick tight clique and went all outCatchin keys from across seasRollin in MPVs, every week we made forty GsYo brothas respect mine, or anger the tech nineCh-POW! Move from the gate now