Click to Watch in HD > [Youtube]如何在臉書完美呈現您的Youtube縮圖?[eng sub]How to render your Youtube thumbnail perfectly in Facebook?

Watch 今天想跟大家分享如何在臉書完美呈現您的Youtube縮圖的方法。 Today would like to share How to render your Youtube thumbnail perfectly in Facebook?. 我将介绍2个容易上手而且免费的工具: 1. Picsee - 2. YT3FB - 步骤: 1. 選擇一個您想要分享的youtube影片。 2. Copy (複製)他的URL(鏈接)。 3. 再到我介紹的其中一個網站。 4. (paste)粘貼之前複製的鏈接到空格里。這兩個網站就會自己幫您創造另一個新的鏈接。 5. 這鏈接可以粘貼到您臉書的wall(牆上)。 6. 一個完美的Youtube就這樣完成了! 額外: 除了Facebook,這2工具也可用於Twitter,Google Plus,Linkin,Pinterest和StumbleUpon ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 如果您喜欢我的影片,或是我的影片对您有所帮助 请帮忙点击”喜欢“哦~ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 如果您对影片有什么建议,或是想看到什么科技与程序编写的教学, 请”留言”给我哦~ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 如果您还想接受到更多关于科技与程序编写的教学, 也请帮忙”订阅“我哦~ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- I will introduce two easy-to-use and free tools: 1. Picsee - 2. YT3FB - Steps: 1. Select a YouTube video youd like to share. 2. Copy the youtube video’s URL (link). 3. Go to one of the sites I introduced. 4. Paste the copied link before into the space. This both sites will help you create another new link. 5. This link can be pasted into the wall of your facebook. 6. A perfect Youtube’s thumbnail is done! Extra: Besides Facebook, this 2 tools also available for Twitter, Google Plus, Linkin, Pinterest and StumbleUpon ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you like my videos or my videos have help you Please help click on Like” button to my video ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have any suggestions for videos, or want to see any other IT and programming teaching, Please “Comment” me ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you would like to receive more information about teaching science and technology and programming, Please help to Subscribe me ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reference 参考: 1. Facebook Video: How to Upload a Custom Thumbnail - Amy Schmittauer 2. How To Change Facebook Video Thumbnail Fast | 2016 - Keder Cormier 3. FIX - YouTube Thumbnail Not Showing on Facebook - Derral Eves

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