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Watch Payment app Circle has purchased the cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex for $400,000,000. Russian president Vladimir Putin makes strong statements about the importance of embracing blockchain technology. Infomercial clown Matthew Lesko is not a fain of bitcoin. Craig Wright, once claimed to be Satoshi Nakomoto, is sued for $10 BILLION by the estate of Dave Kleiman.Subscribe to my NEW podcast channel: be joined on the podcast channel this week by Richard Heart. Check out his YouTube channel here: Coin Central merch here: Is Nano? A Beginners Guide: me on Telegram: to my NEW podcast channel: also make videos about poker: on Discord every day talking crypto. Join us here: me on Facebook: your crypto with the Trezor wallet: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other currencies on Coinbase: Polk is a professional poker player and cryptocurrency enthusiast. Crypto News is the show to keep up with the latest trends and stories involving Bitcoin price, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, IOTA, investing, analytics, and various altcoins.

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