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How to convert a youtube video to Mp3?

We all love youtube - for freely able to watch our favorite videos from the largest video collection ever. However, a lot of people are living or working in areas with very bad or no internet connectivity and thus making them crave for access to good music. Youtube consumes a lot of bandwidth due to video streaming even if people want to listen to the Audio only. Also, the youtube mobile app is a great tool but doesn't work when mobile is used by any application other than the youtube - making the overall experience a bit disappointing.

We have made it possible for you to convert any youtube video into high-quality MP3 and downloadable videos that you can access anytime, anywhere. You can simply go to our conversion landing page - and paste the Youtube video URL that you would like to convert into MP3 or a downloadable video format. Next screen will show the video (you can also play the video to make sure its the same video that you wanted to convert to MP3). If the video shown is not same, please check the youtube url you have submitted and paste in the search box again. Once you see your desired video, click on Convert to MP3 or another button as needed.

Our servers will check with youtube on the possible audio and video qualities that you can convert into mp3 or convert for downloading video. These file types are shown in a drop down menu - you need to choose a quality and then hit the "convert this video" button. It might take upto a couple of minutes for conversion to take place and downloading to start. Depending on your browser's default settings - downloads will be saved automatically. Our services are also popularly knows as "youtube to Mp3 converter" and "youtube to mp3 online service".

Please note that we are providing a technology only. You should check with Youtube and/ or the content provider to verify if you are allowed to do the conversion or not.